Island Press :   Off the Beaten Path  10 Lesser Known Places to Visit on Hatteras Island and Oracoke

Carolina Kids OBX 


Things for kids to do:

  • Dairy Queen is across the road from Carolina Kids Rental
  • Bait store is  just down the street - Frank and Fran's
  • Avon Fishing Pier is within walking distance of the house
  • Walk, Bike, Running Trail start at Wahoo Circle and continue for 6 miles
  • Visit Cape Hatteras Lighthouse
  • Hatteras Island toy Store
  • Uncle Eddys Putt Putt & Ice Cream in Buxton 
  • Arcade inside Angelo's Pizza
  • Red Box inside the Food Lion  in Avon
  • ​Ghost Crab hunting on the beach- bring your flash lights, buckets, and nets